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Dedicated Server Reseller Program

Dedicated Server Reseller Program

Standing out from the pack is not a cheap thing. Nor are dedicated servers. Nevertheless, they have ascertained that the utmost independence more often than not pays off. According to us, selecting the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is the cleverest move. Hepsia ships at no additional fee and has the finest hosting content management tools in 1 single, compact client panel, demanding just one account.

Quality Dedicated Hosting Server

If your company has a content-heavy web page, or just has very special web server architecture requirements, the most logical option would be a dedicated server. For somebody who is prepared to invest in safety and stability, the bigger price is of no importance.

cPanel Dedicated Servers

The multi-functional, drag & drop File Manager available in Hepsia will most likely render the usage of any File Transfer Protocol software application aimless. The CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions are the Operating System alternatives offered with the dedicated hosting.

Domain Name

UK Domain Web Hosting

Reliable hosting on budget prices for .UK Domains. If you have limited finances, but you need reliable web hosting for your .UK domains, we recommend you take a look at the web hosting services offered by

Cheap Dot INFO Domain

Each freshly registered .INFO domain name comes with a free Domain Manager tool, which will give you absolute authority over your domain. You will be able to update its DNS records (NS, A, MX, AAAA, TXT, SRV, etc. records) and your WHOIS information whenever you like.

.COM Domain Web Hosting

Nowadays considered globally .COM domain names are the most widely spread gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain). If you looking for a cheap and in the mean time quality web hosting services for your .COM domain take a look at all the web hosting solutions from

Free Hosting Services

Reliable Free Hosting Service

The biggest virtue is that you get a top free web hosting service - this would exclude any expenses associated with having a personal website, a blog, a forum, or even a small-sized company web page.

Free PHP & MYSQL Hosting

Even though the number of providers, which provide free-of-cost web page hosting services without ads is meagre, you can obtain a free-of-charge hosting account that is not much dissimilar from a paid one if you sign up with one of the top free web hosting providers.

Excellent Free Hosting Company

Even though the number of providers, which provide free-of-cost web page hosting services without ads is meagre, you can obtain a free-of-charge hosting account that is not much dissimilar from a paid one if you sign up with one of the top free web hosting providers. Usually, these are hosts that furnish both charge-free and professional paid cheap web hosting services and their revenue does not depend upon advertisements, but on the professional paid solutions that their customers order.

Virtual Servers

Private Virtual Server Hosting

The domains and the content on the virtual web server are managed via a webspace hosting Control Panel interface, similar to a standard shared website hosting account’s. The difference is that with shared web hosting packages, clients get one particular hosting Control Panel, while with a VPS hosting server account, web hosting providers traditionally provide a bunch of webspace hosting Control Panels to select from.

Dedicated Hosting Virtual

The web hosting Control Panel GUI enables customers to administer domain names, files, databases, FTP and e-mailbox accounts, to keep track of web traffic and load logs and to monitor comprehensive statistics about the used up and the left resources.

VPS Hosting Server

Apart from being much more affordable, a VPS server web hosting package has one more advantage over a dedicated server. Whereas the resources on a physical server are always limited by its hardware, a VPS server is a private virtual web server with software limits. If necessary, these limitations can be bypassed with several clicks of the mouse.


WebHost Exchange

Discovering a website hosting corporation delivering reasonably priced, stable website hosting solutions is a wish everyone has. However, there still are a small number of web hosting suppliers, which fit this definition - a definition, which sounds unrealistic to a certain degree.

HQ Business Web Hosting

There are 2 items you require so as to establish a web site. The first one is a domains that will open your web site when you type it in a web browser, and the second one is a webspace hosting plan, which is primarily the disk space on a web server where the web site files will be located, plus several more services that it is offering. The domain and the website hosting package are 2 linked, yet different solutions, and you need both of them in order to have a working web portal.

Righteous Webspace Hosting

Additional web services that you get by hosting a domain are: File Transfer Protocol access to upload and download files easily, domain name forwarding, email auto-responders and electronic mailing lists, and the possibility to set up and edit specific domain records from your site hosting CP.

Reseller Hosting

Top Hosting Reseller

American, British, Scandinavian and Aussie data center locations. Become a top provider of unlimited shared hosting packages (web storage/bandwidth/domains hosted), as well as of virtual hosting servers and dedicated hosting servers, domain names and digital certificates.

Private Label Hosting Reseller

ResellersPanel's unparalleled reseller hosting method enables you to establish your own web hosting enterprise and operate as a dedicated hosting server reseller after merely a quick, free-of-charge registration procedure.

Canada Hosting Reseller

Set your price on domain names, digital certificates, VPS services, dedicated hosting servers and unmetered Linux-based web hosting plans, and sell them on behalf of your own reseller brand name.